Westbound de Lana Del Rey

Paroles de chanson Westbound de Lana Del Rey


You didn’t think about anyone else
You didn’t think about any of us
When you left that place
You didn’t wanna go anywhere else
Nothing could satisfy you to you left
So you went away
Where you go?
Where are you now
I ask about
So many of my friends
Oh about their ends
What about us?
Are we just dust?
On the floor again
I thought we were on the mend

You really put me in a quite a position
You got me struggling as a musician
With the song
You like to write about all of your problems
The songs because you think it was often
But you’re wrong
Why did you go
I guess i know
Maybe my question is
Why must you come to this
You talk about being strong yeah
How I wanna be you and your melody

Tryin to learn about something important
You keep taking off space you’re annoying
But i love you so
Yeah you already know
They're trying to teach me about new ways of living
They're tryin to teach me about ways of forgiving
But you make it hard
You’re such a bad bad boy
I love you anyway
No matter what they say
You were not approved
But you are on the moon
I care about how this turns out
It’s just more than I
Heaven know how i fight
I guess I’m..
Tell me I have to, tell me I have to
I know you couldn’t
I said I know you couldn't
Where are you now
I ask about.

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