May the grace that sought my heart on that first day
Be the grace that binds my heart to stay
May the truth that opened up my eyes on that first time
Be the thoughts on my mind that never go away

For you are a lamp to my feet
A light to my path
You're the hand that's holding me

Faithful god, every promise kept
Every need you've met, faithful god
All i am and all i'll ever be is all because you love faithfully
Faithful god

May the love that caught my heart to set it free
Be the love that others see in me
And may this hope that's reaches to the depths of human need
Be the song that i sing in joy and suffering

For you are the love that never leaves
The friend that won't deceive
You're the one sure thing

How deep, how wide the love
That pierced his side, the love
Redemption's mine, o love that will not let me go.

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