Two Little Trees de Linda Ronstadt

Paroles de chanson Two Little Trees de Linda Ronstadt

Two Little Trees
Two Little Trees

Two little trees have been born
on my ranch
Two little trees that look like twins
And from my house I see them all alone
Under the holy protection and light
from the heavens.

They are never separated,
one form the other
Because that is how God wanted
for the two of them to be born,
And with their own brances
they caress each other
As if they were sweethearts
who loved each other.

Little tree, little tree,
under your shade
I'm going to wait until
the end of this tiring day,
And when I'm all alone
looking to the sky
I'm going to ask Heaven
to send me a companion.

Little tree, little tree
I feel alone
I want you to accompany me
until I die.

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