Roots de Lucie Silvas

Paroles de chanson Roots de Lucie Silvas

There is fear in the thought of freedom
There are ways out and I see them,
But I choose to be held captive,
As crazy as I know that is.

I find strength in the sorrow,
I wanna wake up with it tomorrow,
Cause all we had would be in vein,
If it were that easy to just walk away

Roots that run that deep
Pain that you don't see..
Anyone could look around,
Think all is well above the ground,
I could pull them up but they're all that's left,
And I'm not lose you yet.

I tell myself it doesn't hurt, but the truth still lies there in the dirt,
I am lost and I have a map,
But all it does is take me back

And the past is the only place I know
If i can't go back where will I go?
Where will I go, where will I go

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