The Sick Business de Malvina Reynolds

Paroles de chanson The Sick Business de Malvina Reynolds

The Sick Business
The Sick Business

Well it's the sick business, the sick business,
Everybody's dying by stages,
Hospital's full, waiting rooms full,
People of all colors and ages,
Some dying slow,
Some dying quick,
Everybody's sick.

Well I went into the hospital
And this is what I did see,
Everybody waiting his turn in line,
Everybody sick like me,
Everybody sick,
Taking his lick
Of misery.

Well the sick business is a healthy business,
Everybody's sick some time,
Everybody's got appointments,
Everybody stands in line,
Taking pills,
Paying bills,
Everybody's sick.

Well the sick business is a good business,
Everybody's sick and sore.
If you're too healthy, you stand in line
To be sent away to some war,
Shoot you to pieces
For all kinds of reasons,
Till you're a wreck or you're dead.
Everybody's sick in the head.

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