Mine Mine Mine de Montell Jordan

Paroles de chanson Mine Mine Mine de Montell Jordan

Mine Mine Mine
Mine Mine Mine

Hey baby I like it when you are next to me
Wit that body horizontally,
put your legs comfortable in my bed in your lingere
wit my pillow under your head and
Honey I like you cuz u trustin me
Just so glad to have you on my team,
so I keep it real wit you, come feelin you, layin here

layin next to you and I
kissin and holding you tite
All of these things I like
Girl you were mine mine mine
You gotta a lotta sex appeal
I love it when you make me feel
and wat I feel is real
girl you are one of kind

Hey lady, you know just how to treat your man
So im always gonna be your biggest fan,
I'll tell it all over the world, you are my closest friend
much my girl would ya
stay with me and you just mite see some bigga jewelary
That I know you've awaiting on
Baby you are the reason all my other girls are gone
What we share is so beautiful
And I think I mite just spend my life wit you there (yea) next tome(yeaa)

(Chorus x 3)

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