The Interview (Skit) de Montell Jordan

Paroles de chanson The Interview (Skit) de Montell Jordan

The Interview (Skit)
The Interview (Skit)

Keepin' your nights warm whether you're playin' or layin'
It's Josepha Salinas
Your angelita de la noche
Kickin' down the hits the way you like 'em
In the studio tonight I've got Montell Jordan
How ya doing baby?

[MJ] I'm doin' great, how are you this evening?
[Girl] I'm wonderful now that you're here
It's so nice to see you
Now, you're working on your fourth album
And you been traveling around the world
How does it feel?
[MJ] Oh hectic, I can't even explain it
It's just been crazy but it's been exciting
[Girl] Exciting?
[MJ] Yeah
[Girl] Everything you do is exciting
Now I heard you been to Ireland, you been to Africa
And ooh, baby, I heard you went to Cuba
[MJ] Oh, Cuba was so, so incredible
[Girl] Now you know what they say don't you?
Once you let a Latin love steal your heart
It's ah, oh man, I don't even wanna go there
Let me quit, let me quit, let me quit
Now tell me, is there a story there?
Is there anything you can like tell us
About that exciting trip?
[MJ] Nothing I don't think we could discuss on the radio
[Girl] Oh, come on, mijo you can tell me
[MJ] Oh mami, uh I could tell yuou a story about Cuba
But I don't think you'd believe me

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