This Is Your Life de Newsboys

Paroles de chanson This Is Your Life de Newsboys

This Is Your Life
This Is Your Life

This is not the warm-up round
This is not a trial heat
It can't be repeated when your time is gone
This is not an infinite resource
Or the prelude to a starter course
You don't send it back if it gets done wrong

This is your life
Treat yourself right
Treat others right
Live like you know you should
This is life
Fight the good fight
Fight for what's right
Do what you know you should

Every living soul completes
A finite number of heartbeats
This is not the sum of what you're here for
Every breath you take will be exhaled
Every rising sun will fall
The measure of it all is what you live for

You had a dream, but it got lost in a life of regret
The devil knows you get just one shot
You had a dream, are you still dreaming?
Or did you forget that heaven's calling for your best shot

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