Evil Never Dies de Overkill

Paroles de chanson Evil Never Dies de Overkill

Evil Never Dies
Evil Never Dies

Revenge is sweet for thouse who wait
Never early always late
Waiting now to consummate
A marriage made in hell
Hand in hand, walk alone
As good advice seems to drone
Evil cuts right to the bone

Has it come, awakens me
Is it done and will it ever die
Will it go. Taking me
Don't you know
Evil never dies

Keep me close to your heart
Adversity will come apart
And finish just before you start
Never question why
Today was then, remenber when
Skipping numbers one through ten
Permanence through the pen

"Read the rights", a prophete's word
I've learned to deal with the absurd
And reach a darkened
Pinnacle of light

Money hungry, power thirsty
Penny piching, fear inflicting
Double crossing, back stabbing
Promising eternity for a price
Suckin', brain washing
Mind raping, soul stealing
Constant preaching, salvation reaching
Lowest form of human, fucking life
Evil never dies

Laughter stands accusing me
Emotion stands abusing me
The battered and the bruising me
Is there darkness when you die
I heard a sound, no one there
I heard a shot, no one cares
Laughter turns into despair

Evil hidden everywhere
Evil has a chilling stare
Null and void of any care
Is where the answer lies
It does no good to beg or cry
It does no good to question, why
It does no good? It never dies
Evil never dies

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