I Hate de Overkill

Paroles de chanson I Hate de Overkill

I Hate
I Hate

Got so much trouble
Hate this job
Tried to get out
Trapped like a dog
No I don't like

Pumpin' gas
Do ya hate to wait
Life's a game
Play your rules
Is the bottle half empty
Or the bottle half full
It does no good
No good to shout
But I scream I hate
Say I'm hostile
Gotta relax
Better get a grip
Here's the facts
I hate bein' here.

I hate people that make ya feel small
I hate having my back against the wall
I hate bein' talked down to
I hate your rules
I hate'em all
Hate bein' marked to take the fall
Planet's not big enough for me and you

Got trouble over me
Surrounded by jerks
Can't ya see
Smile to my face
Know ya lie
Knife in my back another game
Rules, rules, rules
Not for me,
You fuckin' fool.

So open your mouth
One more time
And my foot is goin' down
In one ear
Out the other
A waste of time
Don't even bother
I hate bein' here

Think I know
How ya got this far
Think I know
Got where we are
Think I'll hate you
Where you'll be dead
I know it, I hate you
Smile to my face
Know to die
Says the problems
Ask your self way
Hate the games
Hate the rules
You're gonna loose
Say I'm hostile
Gotta relax
Better get a grip
Here's the fact
Not much more of you

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