Ask Him In de Petra

Paroles de chanson Ask Him In de Petra

Ask Him In
Ask Him In

Now that you've heard the music
Where do you go from here
You see music only takes you to the place
Where you're ready to hear

We could sing and tell you we love you
And you could say it wasn't true
But how can you say that about a man
Who died for you

Jesus is holding out his love to you
But he made it so that you have to choose
How can you walk away empty again
When you know that you've got nothing to lose

You could probably think of a reason
To wait until another day
But the spirit is speaking, telling you
Today is the day

Jesus gave his life as a ransom
Was crucified and laid in a grave
But he rose again and made a new way
For man to be saved
(Ask him in) he loves you

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