I Never Did Before de Pholhas

Paroles de chanson I Never Did Before de Pholhas

I Never Did Before
I Never Did Before

I've tried to do all the things
That I almost never did before
My life has changed just because of you
I've been waiting for a long, long time
Gimme a chance and I'm going to show
How much darling, I love you

Last night I talked in my sleep
I dreamed of you and we were together
You held my hand and just kissed me all
You had promissed me all your love
But I woke up and I saw the truth
I felt the tears as I cried

It could be true…

I know you don't care about
You even stare when I shout too loud
I go to see you and you get away
You've been afraid and I don't know why?
I mean I come and I'll try to do
I'll get your love, any way

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