And Then You're Gone de Pink Martini

Paroles de chanson And Then You're Gone de Pink Martini

And Then You're Gone
And Then You're Gone

My dear Lorenzo you take my hand
And understand the tears that I have cried
We like the candles and pour the wine
and laugh as if you'll never leave my side
you take me in your arms and tell me
that I'll always be the only one
and then you're gone

you come to see me on a Saturday
presenting heenies knowing just what to say
we dance until the break of dawn
I turn my back and then you're gone
Swirling in a sea of stars
Swirling to the strum of guitars
No one tangos why the way you do
But now my dancing days woth you are through

You think I miss you each time you disappear
Maybe I used to but it's becoming clear
I know your tricks I 've heard your songs
You swear your love and then you're gone

Remember last time it was a perfect day
You tooke me sailing and then you sailed away
Now here you are outside my door
you want back in just like before
Well save your breath don't make me yawn
You've had your chance now just be gone

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