No Surrender de Questions

Paroles de chanson No Surrender de Questions

No Surrender
No Surrender

Another day, another fight
Another war we've got to survive
Nothing has changed, just getting worse
No one cares and no one to trust
We gotta try before It's too late
We gotta find our way to escape
Nothing will change until we give
Give ourselves a change to believe

Believe that nothing is lost
No one can take from us
We can survive this war
No surrender

Never give up until the end
Our only choice is to fight everyday
We must control our destiny
Come together if we want to be free
Now we gotta give a chance to believe
Got to be stronger than ever before
Nothing to fear if we stay united
We didn't choose to begin this war
The time is short
But I have no fear
Time to move on
No matter what they do
No matter what they say
The time has come
Time to wake up
It's up to us to believe
We've got the power now
The time has come

We can take control
Has come
Control our destiny

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