We're Not Alone de Questions

Paroles de chanson We're Not Alone de Questions

We're Not Alone
We're Not Alone

Pressure grows upon me, I gonna fight it with all I got
It's the way they look at me, I don't know who I can trust

How long - they'll keep pushing us
How long - will we accept it, not saying a single word
My choice is to fight with everything I have
I know - I'm not the only one
I know I'm not alone

We're not alone

Look around, just tell me now,
Don't you see we can make a change
We can break down this walls
With the blood running through our veins

I found my peace in hardcore
I found - I found some hope in my way
We're not alone - it's the path that I chose for myself
We're not alone - it's our guide through this life everyday

We must remain

As we stick together
As we seek the truth
You can't stop us
You can't break it
We got nothing left to lose

Keep faith in my brothers
A lifelong family
As we stick together
Our culture will remain

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