God Loves You de Rachael Lampa

Paroles de chanson God Loves You de Rachael Lampa

God Loves You
God Loves You

Just about the time
That you have the whole world figyred out
That would be the time that you
Eneter in a season of doubt
I tell you
That every time those thoughts begin
To enter your mind
You Father picks you up again
And that's how you find out that

God loves you
You know it, you know it, you know it, know it
God loves you
Forever and ever and ever, ever

You know just how cold it feels
When there's no hope left in sight
All alone and scared
You pray
For strength and make it through the night remember
When every turn you make just leaves you cold in the dark
Light breaks through and shows you He was there all along caues


You never really wanted to believe it was true
You never really though that this could happen to you
But just as soon as you begin to throw up your hands
Your father whispers gently
And then you understand that


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