Passing Time de Rain Fell Within

Paroles de chanson Passing Time de Rain Fell Within

Passing Time
Passing Time

Hold this memory as it passes by.
All the dreams,all the fears,all that I am.
Every tear that I've cried
dried in the end as love slowly fades.
Try and look away,but you say
the sun will rise.
Heal the pain.
But you know this is done.
Time decays.
Out here...I stand...
Holding a child's hand.

Wind burns our face.
She cries for all those who age.

An ancient longing deep
here in our hearts.
But watch close and you'll see me
in the sand that passed by.
Then you'll cry out my name!
Old father time reaches out his hand.
I'll stand strong waiting for the time of my death.
When I want nothing more,that is the end...

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