Summer de Rookie Of The Year

Paroles de chanson Summer de Rookie Of The Year

Here we are
And here we are
Here we are

She spends her days somewhere out there in Boston
To think about her life while she's alone
And then she moved out West, out to Austin
To see why cowboys always live alone

Here we are unbroken
And here we are much the same
Here we are

Oh you're never gonna get it so get it right now

And all we are is all we are
We're the same

I wouldn't lie

She spent some time out there in California
(And I'd sing)
This could be something incredible
Or not worth my time
She listened to me in disquise
I never knew she paid attention
With Florida on her mind

All I know
I need you back so I can take your breath away
Back before the day that all this went away
Those times meant everything
I'd give up everything for this now

And all we are is all we are
The same

You got a brand new song and a summer tan
With so much to do
I've got fifteen dollars and I'm riding on this train to you

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