Bridges de Sarah Vaughan

Paroles de chanson Bridges de Sarah Vaughan


I have crossed a thousand bridges
In my search for something real
There are great suspension brigdes
Made like spider webs of steel
There are tiny wooden trestles
And there are bridges made of stone
I have always been a stranger
And i've always been alone

There's a bridge to tomor...row
There's a bridge from the past
There's a bridge made of sorrow
That i pray will not last
There's a bridge made of co...lors
In the sky high above
And i think that there must be
Bridges made out of love

Vou seguindo pela vida
Me esquecendo de você
Eu não quero mais a morte,
Tenho muito que viver
Vou querer amar de novo
Ee se não der não vou sofrer
Já não sonho, hoje faço
Com meu braço o meu viver

When the bridge is between us
We'll have nothing to say
We will run through the sun light
And i'll meet him halfway
There's a bridge made of co...lors
In the sky high above
And i'm certain that somewhere
There's a bridge made of love

I can see her in the distance
On the river's other shore
And her hands reach out longing
As my own have done before
And i call across to tell him
Where i believe the bridge must lie
And i'll find it, yes i'll find it
If i search until i die

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