See a tree grow through the sidewalk
An amazing thing to see
In the city, through the sidewalk
Grows a country kind of tree
And the leaves go green in summer
Make a cool and shady space
For the people who are passing
And the street's a better place

There is country in the city
Look around and you will see
Pigeons pecking on the pavement
Squirrel running up a tree
There is country in the city
For you and me

See the flowers in some windows
Marigolds and daffodils
Like a little piece of country
Sitting on a windowsill
Island floating in the traffic
Where the trees and flowers grow
Little forest on the rooftop
City farmers down below

There is country in the city
Parts with butterflies and bees
Little lakes with boats for rowing
Playgrounds with trees
There is country in the city
With some buildings in between
Find a country in your city
Keep it growing
And growing
Keep it green

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