Little Miss Broadway
Is going to town
That toast of all Broadway
Up town and down
We met them all
With a smile for a crown
For two little feet
On that fabulous street
Oh the talk of the town
Everyone of them proud

Oh, Little Miss Broadway
Up on her toes
With music and laughter
Wherever she goes
Everyone loves her
And everyone knows
She captured Manhatten
From Harlem to Statten
And thousands of folk
Through Miss Broadway

I'm here and you're here
And thousands more here
But where is Broadway
You're here and I'm here
We're marching down here
Oh where is Broadway

Broadway is not what it used to be
We need a new steet
A just for you street
And just for fun
I'll show you how its done

I'll build a Broadway for you
We'll trade the old for the new
I'll make you famous
In old Times Square
I'll have your name in neon shining there
You'll be their favourite child
We'll have the crowds going wild
I'll build a dream street
Where wishes come true
I'll build a Broadway for you

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