Stamina de Slipknot

Paroles de chanson Stamina de Slipknot


Well it might not be that long
And it might not be that thick
But I know what I'm doing
When I'm working with my stick

It might not be that hard
And it might not have much gurth
But trust me from this encounter
There might just be a birth
-Cause I got stamina
Verse 2:
I might no last that long
I might finish right there in first
And if you move the wrong way baby
I might just burst
But you know how good I am
And you know that I'm the best
And once you had me baby
You won't want the rest
-Cause I got stamina
Verse 3:
Now wait a minute baby
I'm gonna take that all back
Cause I ain't no floppy old man
When I got business in the sack
I'm hard and I'm strong
I'm thick and I'm long
And if you stick with me baby
You can't go wrong
-Cause I got stamina

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