The Watchmaker de Steven Wilson

Paroles de chanson The Watchmaker de Steven Wilson

The Watchmaker
The Watchmaker

The watchmaker works all day and long into the night
He pieces things together despite his failing sight

The wall of cogs connects with such poetic grace
Time has left its curse upon this place

Each hour becomes another empty space to fill
Wasted with the care and virtues of his skill

The watchmaker buries something deep within his thoughts
A shadow on a staircase of someone from before

This thing is broken now and cannot be repaired
Fifty years of compromise and aging body shared

Elisa, dear, you know, there’s something i should say
I never really loved you but i'll miss you anyway

You were just meant to be temporary
While i waited for gold
I filled up the years and i found that i liked
Having someone to hold

But for you i had to wait
Until one day it was too late

Cogs and levers spin
We are bound in death

Melt the silver down
I’m still inside you

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