Beautiful World de Take 6

Paroles de chanson Beautiful World de Take 6

Beautiful World
Beautiful World

I look around and I see
Heartache and disaster
A strange calamity
I wonder how it's gonna be
Will it all end in some "spectacticle"
One must consider what one believes
Evolution or Creation?
I choose to believe in God
So the end is not a period
But a pause
So just imagine this with me

What a beautiful world this will be
What a glorious time to be free
What a beautiful world this will be
What a glorious time to be free

They said I won the streets of gold
Never a goodbye
And never ever growing old
They said with my own eyes I'd see
The One who God'll make it all

Your tender love'll smile
When you cry without the tears
Walk a little bolder
When you're free from all your fears
It's a world
Where love will always flow
Now I think I really wanna go

Repeat Chorus

I can't wait for that day
Beautiful world
That's what it's gonna be
Won't you see it?
You've got to believe
So kick back and releaf your mind
On the milky way tracks
To the verso express
So we'll be ready to fly

Repeat Chorus

Can you imagine
Being happy all the time?
It'll be all day under sunshine
It'll be all day never to say goodbye
Always howdy howdy
Are you ready to fly?
No more hurting
And no more pain
No more sadness
And no more shame
No more fears
No more tears
No more hate
I just can't wait
No, I can't wait no
It's gonna be a beautiful world
Beautiful world

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