Casket Letter de The Aboltionist Union

Paroles de chanson Casket Letter de The Aboltionist Union

Casket Letter
Casket Letter

awakened in this hour
the vultures beside you
waiting for you to shut your eyes forever
will heaven's angels surround you?

last goodbye/never good enough
you drifted so far away
nothing left to be done
such a shame
such a tragedy
disappointment filled your place
the cuts
the bruses

withering into ashes (withering away)
and everyone is left with a heart made of stone
if only you'd come back
begging is worthless
angry eyes towards the sky
blistered emotions/we're drowning in our tears
all from one mistake
my god that's all it takes
just this one mistake
now we grieve/feeling as if my prayers hindered the healing process
are mine not good enough?

good enough to bring him back
please forgive my absence
i wish i could have been a better friend
my friend
my friend
your way
back home
back home
make your way back home
you made us proud.

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