Code Red de The Business

Paroles de chanson Code Red de The Business

Code Red
Code Red

News break on the radio
There`s a helicoptor raid
We`ve got a kidnap victim on our hands
The reason why is so unclear
Afternoon - filled with fear
Brixton bound, open prison yard

Cause there`s a jailbreak in brixton
You know this gang must be found
There`s a code red, alive or dead
One of our boys is out.....

He has broken out so the newspapers say
"we`ve gotta stop these boys their dangerous"
Public enemy number one
The nation hides - their on the run
Living life full to the end


Fast approach comes the end
Betrayed by a very good friend
Back to a cell with walls that have no time
Year have passed he`s done his time
There`s no reason that we can find
Nows the time to let him go

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