I made an experience
It just happens once in a lifetime

Speed this is the thing
It's never been like this before

Cos you haven't felt it yet
This product of time and distance

Now you feel a rush of speed
Something you'll never forget

So take my hand! I lead you to a place
Where you will feel the real speed

Slipping between time and space
You will find a new dimension

Faster, faster we cut the air
We break the walls of sound

Our thoughts are one, one is our aim
Now we understand the principle of speed

We accelerate there's nothing
To stop us now

All energy set free
We give ourselves up to madness
Spitting fire all around
And thunder is pumping in your veins
Now shifting to overdrive
Flashing across the sky
At breakneck speed we reach the limits now
We'll never feel like this again
Raging on to eternity
But never forget the principle of speed

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