No Surrender de The Meteors

Paroles de chanson No Surrender de The Meteors

No Surrender
No Surrender

What don't kill me makes me strong
I'm gonna beat you like i beat you all along
You can't force me to your style
You tried so fuckin' hard i have to stop and smile

You think that i'm gonna run
I blow your world apart that's how i have my fun
You better leave me alone
Cause you can't move from me, you hang around and moan

No surrender
No surrender

You think i'm playin' a little game
So when i cut you down well you're the one to blame
I won't hide my point of view
If you don't love me well hell it's up to you

You stick to your world i keep mine
If you can't see i'm real world than you must be blind
You look for me i look for you
Well i don't see a thread in anything you do

No surrender
No surrender

Don't start wars you can't win
To be the loser, man well that's the only sin
I'm going forward never back
A killer instinct that's something that you lack

Everything you say i've heard before
I live for venom yeah you gotta give me more
Nothing you can do can stop me now
I never lose to you, there ain't no way no how

No surrender
No surrender
No surrender
No surrender

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