Down To The Nightclub de Tower Of Power

Paroles de chanson Down To The Nightclub de Tower Of Power

Down To The Nightclub
Down To The Nightclub

It's Saturday night
and I'm just hangin' out
Lookin' for a place to party
So I jumps into my ride
and I hits the road
Cause there's only one place to go

Down to the nightclub
Oo the women be righteous and ready and pretty
ready and pretty
To the nightclub
We go bumpty-bumpty bump
(Bump City)

Sittin' by the dance floor
checkin' it out
Watchin' the man with the fast feet
He got the hippest threads
and the bad boogaloo
And a big old bag of tricks

Down to the nightclub
You can get what you want
if you know how to find it
To the nightclub
We be slick-slick-slick
Ooh, the people be bumpin'
(at Bump City)
The joint be jumpin'
(at Bump City)
The mamas be humpin'
(at Bump City)
While the band be pumpin'
the band be pumpin'
the beat be somethin'...

The night's almost gone,
but we're still goin' strong,
'Cause the party's been so hearty
I hope it doesn't show
while I'm drivin' down the road
That I had too much to drink

Down to the nightclub
If you got the dough
The liquor will flow
To the nightclub
Tied on a drunk-drunk-drunk...

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