The Hunted de Tremor

Paroles de chanson The Hunted de Tremor

The Hunted
The Hunted

Walking in the park
Strolling in the dark
Someone's out to get you
What you gonna do

You turned on the light
Suddenly you get a fright
What you gonna do
His eyes flicks on you

You sense he's here
But I have seen him everywhere
What you gonna do
When time gets with you

Images in your mind
Thinking of the crime
Blood runs everywhere
Come on down, you're here

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
The killer is comiing
To get you alive

Nowhere to turn
Nowhere to cry
He's coming to get you
One way to die

Running down the street
Hearing footsteps as you creep
Shadows on the wall
It's picture makes skin crawl
He's coming after you
He's coming after me
Afraid to say his name
He's coming to play the game

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