Warriors Of Steele de Tremor

Paroles de chanson Warriors Of Steele de Tremor

Warriors Of Steele
Warriors Of Steele

Since the Dawn of Time
Many Has Tried to Stop Us
No One, No One
Has Ever Succeeded
We Are the Warriors of Steele

No On Can Tell What Is It You Think
Watching the World as It Cries
Sadness That Grows Into the Air
Temptation to Die

Traveling Through the Valley of Death
There's a Mystery That Plays With Your Mind
Fighting the Beast of the Under World
Feeling the Evil Inside

We Are the Warriors of Steele
We Are the Metal Heart That's Real
We Are Defenders of the Faith
Death unto Those Who Hate

No One Can Tell the Place we're In
Lost In This World of Corruption and Sin
Struggling Battles within Us All
Fighting the Force We're Heeding the Call

Metal Is Our Life and Soul
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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