Impossible Dream de Trinnity

Paroles de chanson Impossible Dream de Trinnity

Impossible Dream
Impossible Dream

I'm lost in this sensation
Where my body's falling
It is so heavy and numb
Oh, it's so weak and sunken
Sometimes it feels just like
A neverending cycle
So gloomy and dejected
Every time I lose myself

Take just one good look
At my cold fragility
It tells me that I am...
Yes, I am the misery
The reason is unknown
And I can't help to notice
That I am still fading
Fading in so much pain.

Your resemblance pursues me
Like a famished wolf in need
Eager for man blood
And if it seizes me
It will devour my soul
It will consume me to the very end

My will is to escape
To leave this breaking body
Allow my bitter essence
Turn into dust and ashes
So that a violent storm
Can take me far away from here
Take me far away from you

Now that I feel defeated
Taken over by a dream
All that is left in me
Are my impulsive needs
I was overcome by
This impossible dream
I was ruined and undone

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