Great Romantic de Tunde

Paroles de chanson Great Romantic de Tunde

Great Romantic
Great Romantic

Hey, so you threw your heart right in
And it turned out less than perfect
A losing streak is starting in your mind
You let yourself believe the pain
Is never gonna be worth it

Don't beat yourself up
Know that you were never wrong for wishful thinking
So you done lost the battle
Should we just cross out your name and let you sink

You got me feeling like the last surviving
Great romantic
But stop dreaming and the world stops spinning around
You feel foolish cause love never turns out
Like you planned it
But stop believing and the world starts letting you down

So, you had to let it go
It clearly wasn't working
A new love leaves you trembling
You hide behind the door
So unsure of what you used to know

So now you think you're every move ten steps ahead and you are frozen
Caught inside yourself you're drowning as the anger overflows



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