Burn de Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Paroles de chanson Burn de Vinnie Vincent Invasion

[Vinnie Vincent]

Burn little star our time is here
Yeah, I got my wheels of fire shifting into gear
I'm an easy rider looking for somebody new
I'm a hot rocket aiming straight for you

Rev on the red line
The revolution's high
You've got me snow blind
As your sirens softly sing me to your fire

Baby burn
I'm on fire - burning for you baby
I'm on fire

Prowling hotter than a funeral pyre
I'm spellbound as I cruise the velvet night
Well, my blood's so hot I could set
The night on fire
Oh - I love - I love -I love - I dream
About the things I wanna do to you baby

Oh she's a live wire
Like dynamite - she's TNT
Oh she's love power
I can feel her kiss of fire melting me

[Repeat Chorus]

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