Pit And Pendulum de Without Face

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Pit And Pendulum
Pit And Pendulum

In the darkness of Time, in the name of God
Truth dies in the dying shout,
Crying kisses or killer's hands
And the glory grows on glorious heads...
This is the truth of their God;
This is the death of my belief
From the glorious mouth deadly words come out:
They want me to die

I awake but light has disappeared...
Maybe it's died like me in this dark hell
Black days, blind nights,
Redemption-shouts from my heart,
In the killing silence, alive but dead,
I'm going mad
The trembling steps I try to take
Will slowly take me
Finish my way in a Pit.
But I'm falling on the floor and feel
The depths before me/Just one more step
Would have brought me to my death!

Upon rousing, I look around:
I can see by a sulphuros light
I'm chained in a low form:the final plan, the scaffold
And when this thought lights my future
I feel I can't hold on...
So let the
End take me far...let me fly over life
And when the tears flow no more...
Destiny will show truth...

Where dreams are born,
Where I escape from the demons
Hunting in tormented soul,
Where no one follows
There I escape from the demons...

And there are the depths
I escaped from
And demons painted on the grey walls
Looking upward there is pained death
Holding a pendulum in his frightening hand
...just a second-and I Know:I
smile upon my glittering death;
...the moving pendulum...
...Agitation of spirit keeps me awake
While I wait for my death...I'm afraid
The last minute comes, but lets me live
Rats on my straps...and I can stay here: yet...
My calm doesn't live long...something smells strange:
Glowing metal walls!
They seem to be coming closer and closer
All that they offer:
Burn or Fall

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