A old school Chevy, big motor pipes, twenty six flo
Get your money right, a hundred for the chain
Twenty for the ring, the bitches know the name
My watch and chain like, hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello, I'm in this thing like

[Verse 1]
Ace Hood!
I'm in this motherfucker, so what it is?
And what it do though?
You keep the two, I be riding in that four door
I hit the club let them hoes take a photo
I'm getting more dough, trunk full of white snow
Just hit me on my TMO, I get your price low
Hot up off the press, call it espresso
I'm getting Starbucks
That's twenty five a show
I'm getting Starbucks
That's twenty five a show
I'm getting Starbucks
That's twenty five a show
Sorry I got to go, I'm on my money shit
If you ain't talking dollars, holler "That's irrelevant!"
I'm watching aliens, it ain't from this planet
You see the bright lit bezel, haters can't stand it
My neck on froze, call it the North Pole, my pockets on swole
I'm good to go, hello!
I got it jumping like Jell-O

Bitches heard the Chevy call that bitch Donatello


[Verse 2]
And yes sir, it is I again
Bang bang let me in this motherfucker
Now we headed to the V.I.P. section
You heard him in your town you better send your text in
You see the necklace, talking when the light hit
Barack Obama chain, copped it for election, you try to snatch mine
Baby it's chopper time, you catching twenty nine
So pussy nigga
Yeah, and I'm a fool like LO
See me on the L.O., moving bricks by the L.O.
I pull up in that Charger, something like San Diego
Sitting in a deuce tre O, money out of the window
Chain telling them, hello!
Little momma what's your name?
I know she see the frames, she hypnotized by the ring
So I walk up in this thing, I'm sure to get me some brain
I'm sure you know the name, when I'm pulling up in this thing


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