The first time i saw you i couldn't believe
How you looked and how you played your part
You looked like an angel and i, just a stranger,
Was hooked by the second we talked
Almost tears in my eyes i just stared at your smile
How you lifted my spirit up high
Lost in the moment i stumbled and crawled
See i almost went out of my mind

Feeling you
Touching you

Was all i wanted to do
Before the night is over
I'm begging you please

I get lost in your eyes
How i fall for your smile
It takes me away
So please won't you stay
We've got night on our side
We can cross that line
Just take me away
Oh, please won't you stay

I said to myself only one thing's for sure
If i can't have you i'll probably die
Can't let you go, i won't let you go
You're way too good to be true
Then from fatal attraction to crucial distraction
You were gone in a blink of an eye
I couldn't believe, how this could be
No explanation, no goodbye

Feeling you
Touching you

Was all i wanted to do
But before the night was over
You were gone with the wind

Refrain (2x)

Oh, valerie
Stay with me
I know you and me
It's meant to be
Oh, how i long for your touch
Valerie, valerie...

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