Sleep on the ocean
Sleep on the sand
Ive been very busy since the fall of man
Son of the devil
You wont understand
Now come on, baby,
That's a sudden end

Speak of the devil
Inside my head
Youve been very busy since the world's gonna end
Tired of the symbol
The sun, the sand
Talk a little louder, I don't understand.

Gonna get the supper to the world tonight
??? Im gonna fall asleep.
Theres a tiny little sin I've gotta do.
Got to say that Im only holding up at night
Turn with the flow, or this storm

Theres a world outside, wanna let you in
Theres a world outside, not going in
The world outside, won't let you in

Love, love got over that storm
Before you get somewhere,
Oh, love got over that storm.

I've got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack.
I went out for a ride, and I never came back.

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