Reason de Diamond

Paroles de chanson Reason de Diamond


There's something in your eyes I know I can't resist
Something in the air I don't know why
You were hardly there when I was on my own
There's something about you that makes me cry

Can't I believe?
That your heart still beats for me
Let me receive
A sign across my destiny
And I wanna know

Give me your reason for me to believing
Can't you see it in my eyes?
And I need your reason for I'm so breathing
It's the time to say good bye
'Cause deep in my heart...I know
There's a reason why I'm not living
Why I'm not alone
So give me your reason for me to believing
Give me your reason...
Give me your reason...

Something in your eyes still takes my breathe away
Something's deep inside, please tell me why
I don't know what I should do to break this spell
How can you made my life fun and now all by?

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