Fast And Furious de Electric Frankenstein

Paroles de chanson Fast And Furious de Electric Frankenstein

Fast And Furious
Fast And Furious

They're so bored with the USA
But there's always an ear turned our way
So frantic to find that rush again
But it looks like all the veins have caved in
They got manic street preachers with nothing to say
While their kids go begging on the tubeway
Trying to shine again with denim and suede
But all I really want is some radiohead

Sister Britannia don't disappoint me
You got to wake up and smell the coffee
Your melody maker is deaf, and . . .
You know who is the enemy (the NME)

England's dreaming, I read the other day
Now they're having a nightmare that won't go away
Where are those days of hope and glory?
Was it true or was it just another story?
We all know about the power of the press
Controlling what you know like the thought police
If it's not approved, it's choked before it starts
The rest is exported and then spat out

I'm in pursuit of that priceless moment
While eveyone's looking for the next big thing

All I hear now Is just a joke
Hey, sleeping beauty, it's time to go to work
Oh, it's fading fast and furious
What's next I am so curious
Rushing home to hear the apocalypse
It's from the sounds that I get my kicks
Hope these sonic blasts of TNT
Will once again mean something to me

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