What I wanna do, let me see right here, yo

Not many people that I label
Would be able to display table,
manners but I plan this
To make this beat rock like scanners
Make the fans just go bananas
Yo, get our planners
That means I'm nuts for the sl*ts who don't understand this
Yo my clan is
Yeah right, and y'all gon' stand there and act like you don't understand it
Like my name is Janet and my titty fell out an' I ain't plan it
Check, check this out
And if you're rockin with your necklace out, that's my breakfast now
I'mma snatch it, yo my style is rechid, you can't fetch it
No you can't stretch it
And yo, it doesn't really matter cause your name I can't even pronunciate
You're the sa-same type-a mo'f**ker
To go and suckerpunch Dre at the Vibe Awards
But he right behin the boards the next day
So, kiss an ass
Or kiss a dick, lick a dick
Eat my ass
Whatever you wan' do, it's on you
Big Proof comin' through..

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