Chaos Kid:
Get up this morning, I'm feeling sleepy as all hell
Went the use the bathroom when I tripped and I fell
All the way downstairs onto the couch
And I pissed my pants on the way down south
So I went back upstairs to change my underwear
Took a while to get em unstuck from my pubic hair
Finally got unzipped I went to put em down the street
But then I threw em in the garbage cause it all said pew
Hopped in the shower put shampoo in my hair
Went to rinse it out but then the water wasn't there
That damn toilet it must of went foul
Got another bath to wipe the stuff up with the towel
Went to get my clothes but I couldn't wear the wash
So I sat and played some Mario on my Nintendo
I was gonna see my girl but I forget that stuff man today
I just feel like a pooh butt

Sometimes things just never go my way you know
I, I'm just feeling like a pooh butt today

Chaos Kid:
Now every single day I make habits to get up
But today I just feel like a pooh butt so ill stay in bed
I dont know whats wrong with me, I'm just taking everything nonchalantly
I just feel like I can't move one muscle
My girlfriend calls me up and tells me now we gotta hustle
My plane leaves to roll about quarter to 8
It's 7:15 looks like I'm gonna be late
Aww forget that baby said I just can't make it
I know you're disappointed but your gonna have to take it
I'm sick in bed I'm making [?] foot it but before hung up the phone she told me where I could put it
Comes next day I got a call from M&M he said
(We gotta make a record get ya butt outta bed) I said I ain't doin nothing I wish you nothing but luck he said (What's up?) I said I feel like a pooh but

Sometimes things just never go my way you know i, im just feelin like a pooh butt today

Chaos Kid:
"Yo you ever have one of those poohie stinky ridiculous rotten days, M&M" (M&M) "man I had one once check this out"

Woke up , 6:30 in the morning yawning gotta get to the recording studio I gotta get a take done put all my rhymes together so I can make one get outta bed fall on my head
Slipped on the rug I thought I was dead
Cussin I think my head is busted but it really nothing only a concussion shake it off, get off the ground look around couldn't find my rhyme sheets where'd I put em down they were just there last night on the chair had to look everywhere but, couldn't find em anywhere go to the basement might of misplaced em gotta find em in hurry but my visions still blurry goin down the stairs what could happen next but, when its this early you can't skip steps; fallin head first as I fall I curse things are lookin bad ima only get worse; aching I shake and I hurt I stand up slowly wiped all the dirt off memory lapse I can't remember nothing think ill collapse if you forget the whole thing pause for a second what was I looking for.. oh yea my rhyme sheets they might be on the floor or on the chair wait a minute where am I im in a basement damn how does time fly think for a second record my memory if I were a rhyme sheet where would I be?? now I remember I put em in the closet next to my jacket so I woulda never lost em
Already 7 ive only got an hour to eat breakfast get dressed plus take a shower got undressed got the zest off the rack turn the water on and I almost had a heart attack cold as hell started to yell jumped out the shower and said fuck it ill smell grabbed the towel off the rack dried off got dressed still had to eat but my hair was a mess I was in a rush grabbed the brush and ran run into the door on the floor I land always to fate now I know im curse I think it might help if I open the dorr first tried to turn the handle but I sprained my wrist but thats what happens on a day like this...

Sometimes things just never go my way you know i, im just feelin like a pooh butt today

Chaos Kid:
"Wow, that sounds pretty poohie to me"

"Now, I'm gonna break it down for those who don't know what a pooh butt day is"

Now a pooh butt day is something everybody's had no particular depression neither mad or sad you couldn't see your butt because your butt is what it is cause when your feeling like a pooh butt then your feeling like shit

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