Waiting For You de Greg X Volz

Paroles de chanson Waiting For You de Greg X Volz

Waiting For You
Waiting For You

I'm realizin', not compromisin' you
I'm recognizin', not minimizin' you

Confusing times
Have all changed your mind
But would I be your friend
If I had left you then

Well, it's been one long year since you've gone
And I'm still waiting for you
To make up your mind
Which love will you choose

Well, you've had one love after another
And after all I've seen you go through
I'm keepin' that empty pillow
Always waitin' for you

I'm analyzin', not criticizin' you
I'm sympathizin', not moralizin' you

Good times or bad
I made a promise to you
Cause you broke yours to me
Should I break mine to you?

Waiting for you
Waiting for you, yes I am
Yes, I'm waiting for you
Hoping that someday soon
Waiting for you, you'll come back to me
Yes, I'm waiting for you
Yes, I'm waiting, yes, I'm waiting
Waiting for you

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