Stay Close Tonight de Icehouse

Paroles de chanson Stay Close Tonight de Icehouse

Stay Close Tonight
Stay Close Tonight

Now as the day is closing
Hold every moment
It may slip throught your hands

Evening falls so slowly
So something warm as only
Summer nights can

Every sound that you're hearing
Every smile that you catch
Is somehow lost in the crowd

And i know it's not easy
Oh girl you know me
There's no need to go now

All those tears you've wasted
When all the while
Everything was alright

So don't you be so sad now
You know that we can
Make it work out

When the moon and sun finds you
Well you can turn
To brand new day

All the love that i give you
Take all i have
No one can steal it away

Tonight, tonight
Stay close tonight
Hold on, hold on
Stay close tonight

You and i belong here
Two of a kind together
Day after day

Outside the night is warm
Just close you eyes now
So come on, don't you cry

Oh tonight somehow special
I don't know how to tell you
The way that i feel

We could stay here forever
Never come down
Won't you say that you will

(chorus x2)

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