Spontaneous Song de Igreja Batista da Lagoinha

Paroles de chanson Spontaneous Song de Igreja Batista da Lagoinha

Spontaneous Song

Worship Him, worship the Father
Tell Him you love him
Worship the Father
Delight yourself in Him
With all your heart say
Daddy, daddy, daddy, my daddy

"Maybe just like me, you were privileged to have a good earthly father, but maybe the only picture you have of a father is a dominating, abusive father, a father who was not there for you, an absent father, a father who never supported you. Maybe the only thing you received from your earthly father were sorrow, resentment and pain, because those things were all he ever received from his father, or maybe you never knew your father, you never knew what a father was supposed to be like, but now, now you can know your heavenly father, you can have a real and intimate relationship with him, He loves you in a way that no earthly father, no matter how loving could never equal, your heavenly father, He never fails, He is a strong and powerful protector, yet a gentle and loving father for his children, YES, your heavenly father, he supplies all your needs and He asks nothing in return, He just wants you to come as his child into his presence, He is always ready to forgive you and restore you, because He loves you with an unconditional love"
Worship Him, worship your heavenly father
He never leaves you alone
He never abandons you
He never forsakes you
He never disappoints you
Worship the father
His touch will never hurt you
But his love can heal your wounded soul
Worship the Father, He is always there for you
Providing for each one of your needs
He always understands you
He knows your deepest thoughts
He never condemns you, but He says, my child
I love you, I love you, I love you }3x
It's so good to have a father
My father, yes you are my father
And I know, I know you care for me, you always care for me
Supplying all of my needs, how I need you, my father
You're so good to me, you're faithful, so faithful
And true to me, you're strong, you protect me
You are all I need, my father, my best friend
My closest friend, I love you
I need you, o how I want you so close to me
Thanks for loving me first, my daddy

"Sometimes what children grow up, they forget what their father has done for them, but we as God's children don't ever want to forget"

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