A litany of exile's echoes agnostos
Where eternity loose it's meaning

Dormancy beyond all stars i inhale
Profound as thousands of nights
And bonds of time abandoned, let common
This is the autopsy of all faith
Abysmal dark desires
The wisdom i obtain
Abnormal and unhallowed

Splendour i submerge eternal
Sacrilegious and hallow
Heal and deliever , unveil my soul forevermore
Dreadful wisdom lies in chaos
Asylum of minds i share
Not recoiling i collide

So many aeons have passed on the face of earth
But illidiant kings of abyss still dwells within it's utter

The past present and future at one
In pharinx of the abyss
The madness phantasms of infinite space
Universe i shall roam among the stars ephemeral
Enigmas i've discerned and submerged
In torrents of chaos i've summoned the beast

Cold void of unconscious dream i enter
Rebel phenomenons with chaos breathe universe

I drown in thy sea of anguish and pleasure
My mortal burden left, my essense is avatar of demonic breed
Sins i've and i will sin forevermore will be freed
In this void

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