Remember I believed you
When you told me you loved me
But u broke your promise to me
And now Im sittin' here brokenhearted
I just dont understand
You broke my heart

You broke your promise to me
And broke my heart
I don't know why

I thought you were my heart and soul
A sweet little girl
But I found out you were nothing
That I had in mind
Took me on the merry-go-round
And tossed me up and down
And when I woke up I was all alone

You don't believe in love
And that is why you turned me down
You know its painful
Walking away
Now that your love is gone
It hurts so bad
I must be strong
But when I see you
I cant walk away


All night on the phone
What were we talking 'bout
You know I believe everything you have said
You say you were my girlfriend
My only love affair
It seems like you just played me
Looking back

You don't believe in love
There is nothing that I can do for you
But be a plaything
I'm not that bad baby
How could you lie to me
You told me that our love was true
You broke your promise
It's all I have


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