I couldn't sleep last night
I laid awake
and wished you were here
I wished that I had more time
to make more mistakes
to make them louder
and clearer
I couldn't sleep last night
finding it quite inviting
I just couldn't sleep last night

not a light was on
as I held this song in mind
of you
and what you do to me
I can follow the room
I close my eyes
it didn't move
if I was only stronger
I wish that I were stronger here
referring through the heartsongs dear*
cuz this day is the longest of the year

cuz I didn't sleep last night
not for a lack of trying
I just didn't sleep last night
by the light of day may my dreams be waking

time...in due time
I won't rest my thoughts of you

could I be more lucky than I've grown to be
just knowing that I know her
why shouldn't I show her
the wiser getting older
could she be more perfect in perfection her reflection is casting ?
and that's the last thing
I'll be ever asking

I couldn't sleep last night
just couldn't get it right
I couldn't sleep last night
this is the longest day of the year

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