Paper Towel

I'm not immune so I commune
With the objects in my home
I am caressed by my razor
And so am not alone

I spoon an oversized pillow
I bought for such a use
And to the flowers in my garden
I am lover not recluse

If you my dear were such a flower
You would stay and only grow
And I would tend to you and water, baby
And straight up would you go

You would spread and maybe blossom
With each passing summer's day
And not the suitors from a hundred hives
Could draw your love away

Then as Autumn shut the light
Down in advance of Winter's bite
According to true lover's creed
You would not die but go to seed

For so it is with paper towels
And other things about my place
The old begets the new
And the things I need keep up to pace

But you, my dear, you're gone forever
You left no silly seed behind
Save a rotten pit it lingers
Cherry tombstone in my mind

You're not a paper towel
You're like the wind goes howling

You fled as if the Autumn greys
Were the heralds of final days
Uprooting with your seeds and all
Cruel harvest of love's first fall

You're not a paper towel (no, no)
You're like the wind goes howling (howl)
Can't wrap you around my dowel (no, no)
You're like the wind goes howling (howl)

Bring her back for me Little Bo Peep
I've got to find her - I can't go to sleep

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