You're easily amused, by what you use
By what you use on the outside
But it's what shines
Like silver and gold
Silver and gold on the inside
It's a recipe, what it is to be
What it is to be on the inside

The skin outside
Is taking you for a ride
Taking you for a ride, on the inside
And though they're easily to blame
And I'm just listening in on the inside
And when you're old
Tell me what they'll say
Tell me what they'll say on the inside

So be still
You will find out
From living down on the inside
I'm easily amused by what you use
By what you use for the outside

And it's silver and gold
And diamonds, I suppose
On the inside
You're silver and gold and diamonds, I
Shining from the inside

So I'm sorry just the same
Sorry just the same from the inside
It's taken me long to realize this song
Realize it happens on the inside

Oh, oh...

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